who me?

Hi! I'm deeyandra.

I'm a 23-year-old graduate who enjoys traveling by myself to see, eat, drink, and do as much as I want in a country.

I’ve worked in Catalonia and Japan, and impulsively booked flights to South Korea, Portugal, Italy, and Hungary almost every time I had something to celebrate. I recently went to New York to see family.

And I'm just getting started...

France, Taiwan, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Cuba are but a few countries I want to visit someday soon.

I’m also an avid language-learner who is currently focusing on Japanese, Korean and Spanish. I used to study French, German and Mandarin at school, and I've rrecently picked them up again.

I hope that my blog encourages you to travel.
I hope it brings back memories from your own travels.
I hope to encourage you to pick up a new language.
I hope to inspire you to see how beautiful our world is.

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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